Image Zoom

Image zoom creating a responsive, user-friendly image zoom / lightbox effect on your pages.


  • Responsive — scale on mobile and desktop.
  • Performant and lightweight — should be able to reach 60 fps.
  • High definition support — load the HD version of your image on zoom.
  • Image selection — apply the zoom to a selection of images.
  • Mouse, keyboard, and gesture friendly — click anywhere, press a key or scroll away to dismiss the zoom.
  • Event handling — trigger events when the zoom enters a new state.
  • Customization — set your own margin, background, and scroll offset.
  • Custom templates — extend the default look to match your UI.
  • Link support — open the link to the image in a new tab when a meta key is held ( or Ctrl)
  • Image opener — when no link, open the image source in a new tab when a meta key is held (⌘ or Ctrl)
Image Zoom


Image ID or URL
Size of the image. You can use default WordPress size like thumbnail, medium, large and full.
The space outside the zoomed image
The color of the overlay
The number of pixels to scroll to close the zoom
%, em, px – examples: 25% or 10em or 20px
[better_image_zoom image="805" margin="0" overlay_color="#fff" scroll_offset="48"]